My Activities
I am working as Director for Product Management at the Software AG Company in charge of the Alfabet product. Therefore I am now heavily involved in providing and implementing Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) as well as Business IT management techniques for and with our customers. ASG-Logo

I have been the Scientific Coordinator and Project Manager of the EU-funded Adaptive Services Grid project which successfully ended in February 2007. The goal of project was to develop a proof-of-concept prototype of an open platform for adaptive services discovery, creation, composition, and enactment. To achive this goal we studied how concepts and ideas of Web services, Workflow Management, automated Workflow Planning and Services Grid can be integrated in a beneficial way. Please find the project results in my publications (in particular in this preprint of the Journal article published in Wirtschaftsinformatik, Issue 1/2008) and on the project homepage.

Basing on the experiences and results of the above project I conducted an exploration of new methods for service discovery by combining two research areas namely Semantic Web Services and Information Retrieval. A step into this direction was the organisation of the Workshop on Human-friendly Service Description, Discovery and Matchmaking (Hf-SDDM) in December 2007.


A former research field of mine was Information Filtering and Retrieval. This is the field I wrote my doctoral thesis about. My main contribution to this field is the enhanced Topic-based Vector Space Model (eTVSM). The main feature of this model is its integrated approach to deal with ambiguity and semantic challenges of natural languages like (partial) synonymy, homography (as special form of homonymy), metonymy, hyponomy and meronymy. For a quantitative evaluation of the eTVSM please refer to the following technical report: (HPI_Evaluation_of_eTVSM.pdf)

Besides the above mentioned activities I am also experienced in these topics: