My Artwork: 'Horde'
picture of 'Horde' 'Horde' has be presented for a second time from 15-11-2008 until 17-01-2009 at the Netherlands Media Art Institute.

The 'Horde' installation has been commonly worked out and shaped by the artist Karl Heinz Jeron and the scientist Dominik Kuropka. It has been presented as a part of the exhibition project 'Art + Science: Modell und Imagination' from Gerrit Gohlke at the Brandenburgischer Kunstverein Potsdam (Germany) from 23rd April to 20th of May 2006.

The aim of the art installation was to present accustically and visually the tension between the chaos of modern media-generated information overload and how scientific approaches help us to deal with it. Karl Heinz Jeron constructed dozens of autonomously and erratically moving vehicles representing the chaos. Each of them speaks texts which have been taken from literature on information, desinformation, and information retrieval. As contrast to the chaos Dominik Kuropka implemented a simplified version of the Vector Space Model in his tool 'vectorspacer' which he used to process and classify the texts. He colored and placed the printouts of the texts in the real space of the exhibition room accordingly to their numeric multi-dimensional representation in the Vector Space Model. As a result the color and the placement of the texts shows the pairwise similarity of the texts, which brings a visual order into the accustic chaos generated by the vehicles.



text printout

exhibition room
(right part)

exhibition room
(left part)

(3D visualisation)